Should all aid be stopped to Haiti following the kidnapping of an American nurse and her daughter?

August 15, 2023


Should all aid be stopped to Haiti following the kidnapping of an American nurse and her daughter?


Should an entire country suffer due to the bad decisions of a few?

That’s the first thing I thought of when given this week’s topic.

Alix Dorsainvil, originally from New Hampshire, and her daughter, was reported abducted a week ago from the campus of faith based non-profit El Roi Haiti in Port-au-Prince amid gang warfare wreaking terror.

Reports say she was working in a small clinic when armed men burst in and seized her. The captors reportedly demanded $1 million in ransom; a standard practice used by gangs to get money to fund operations.

We are already seeing some services being pulled in the wake of this tragic situation. But is that the right thing to do?

If anything, the United Nations, or the U.S. acting alone, should throw their mighty military weight into the area and correct these issues once and for all.

Haiti has not held a functional election since 2019 and the country has been fragile since the 2010 earthquake that killed an estimated 300,000.

Numerous countries provide aid to Haiti. That should continue and steps should be taken to restructure and rebuild this nation.

Overall, the Haitian’s want help. They want to live a better life, but they’ve never been given a chance. It’s time we show compassion and finally do the right thing.


The United States fought in Korea. That country is still a mess.

We spent billions of dollars in Afghanistan, only to see it revert to their old ways in mere hours after our military pulled out.

The same scenario has played out in Iraq which leaves me asking why should we intervene?

I feel like when the U.S. tax dollars are spent to correct an issue in these foreign countries that said country should become a province of the United States.
I know other countries will view that as an aggressive action but it’s not. For example, in Kuwait and Iraq, if the U.S. would have taken over and retained control, we could have used their oil to fund their entire rebuild.

By controlling the oil fields, we could have benefited our citizens with lower fuel prices. There’s an old saying, “is the juice worth the squeeze?”

That means is your actions worth the outcome. So far, it’s not been.

Afghanistan has basically no natural resources that could have funded their rebuild. Haiti is in the same situation. Sadly, it brings nothing to the table but a history of gang warfare and violence.

Much like Iraq and Afghanistan, how do you change a culture that has been taught from womb to tomb to fight and hate others?

I say we fix the U.S., spend our money here and let Haiti and other places self-destruct on their own.