Appreciate this special holiday with love, peace, be thankful

by By Tim Parks

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather.

I want to keep this column short and sweet. As I reflect on how small this window of life is for all of us I can’t help but to think about how special this Thanksgiving Holiday is.

Those of us still able to breathe are blessed to be able to do so.

Nothing should be taken for granted.

We often get caught up in work and other things that are important but honestly irrelevant to life in general.

Love is the greatest of all and sometimes it’s hard to show it. No matter how much we disagree or don’t like how things are going we should never erase the love.

It’s the one thing that can always heal and sooth.

It’s something we can’t live without. I encourage y’all to find love and peace during this wonderful holiday. Having inner peace is good for your soul. It’s not an easy thing, I understand that, but we should all strive to find it and we will learn how much happier we can be.

Ol Tim loves each of yall and if you don’t love me then that’s ok. I’m gonna try to lead by example and Lord knows I can always do better.

Enjoy your friends and family and celebrate the way you see fit. Much love Manchester!!