Hate is a strong word

by By Tim Parks -- Director of Manchester Tourism

Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well in these dark winter days.

It’s definitely a busy time and the holidays are stressful. But each day we wake up it’s a blessing.

Recently I’ve noticed people using the word hate often.

I’ve had at least four people in my office lately that has said I hate this or I hate that.

Hate is a word I rarely use. The definition of hate is an intense or very strong dislike for something.

Let’s be honest there is a lot of things I dislike.

But also there’s a lot of things I know I can’t control so I just move on with my life.

Constantly talking about things and putting down things because of your self built hatred does nothing for any of us!

A positive attitude, a clear mindset, and a supportive outlook helps us all.

Hey look I know I have haters. We all do if we have had any kind of success.

But I embrace the hate and hope to create a positive cloud around me. I’ve been called, hippy, liberal, weirdo, etc.

That never bothers me it just makes me laugh. I never take myself too seriously.

This holiday season let’s try to erase some hate. It will make us healthier together. Much love Manchester!