Teaching from biblical perspective drives Oneida Baptist Institute curriculum

January 01, 2024
Joseph W. Scull, III is principal at Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Ky. Joseph W. Scull, III is principal at Oneida Baptist Institute in Oneida, Ky.

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is not about learning of facts but the training of the mind to think.” I suppose it is that mindset that drives the educational program at Oneida Baptist Institute.

Being a Christian school means that we teach differently at OBI. We teach the normal core subjects — English, math, science and social studies, just like any other public school — but it is the way we teach these subjects that sets us apart.

For a Christian school like OBI, it is not enough to just teach facts. We also need to teach these subjects from a biblical perspective. That means that each subject is infused with how it relates to the Bible. In other words, when our science teacher is discussing earthquakes and how the earth shakes and moves, the teacher can relate to the students that our God is unshakable and unmovable. In English class, the teacher can relate to the students that God is desirous of communicating with us through language.

It is not enough to know the facts — it is important for the student to see how the Scriptures relate to the world in which they live. How is the Bible relevant to them here and now? Bible teaching enables young people to recognize non-biblical messages in the songs they listen to, the movies they watch or the choices they make. It allows them to see that if they choose to lie there are consequences; if they choose to be lazy and not hard workers there are consequences. When they are old enough to vote, they must consider whether candidates support biblical values. The Bible speaks to these issues and more.

The educational focus at OBI also includes relationship building. As principal, I see that as vital, not only with the students and teachers but also with the parents and guardians. For example, we have had a guardian bring their child to us who was struggling in another school district. Now, he struggles here, too, but is making progress. The guardians are so thankful that OBI is taking the time to communicate with her, something she did not receive at the other school.

When you can look into the face of a student and see a smile, see them happy, you know that is a child that will succeed. Maybe not as the world counts success but as Christ is working in them.

Education at OBI is more than just facts and figures. It is about Christ reaching into the hearts and lives and redeeming them for His good purpose.