Clay youth have a future here, if they want it

February 01, 2024

It’s time for the next generation to start stepping up in Clay County.

What do I mean by that comment? Allow me to explain. I was recently talking to a family member of mine about the future of things here in our county.

We got to the topic of if something happened to me, who would be our ‘newspaper man’ for the county?

Good question and we have no answer for that. Not only is nobody coming behind me to do this job, but nobody is also coming behind a lot of people in our county to fill their shoes.

For example, who is going to lay brick and block in our county in the next five to 10 years? Who is going to be our plumbers? Our electricians? Our radio broadcasters? Our HVAC workers?

The list can go on and on.

Today’s generation has opportunities. Opportunities they can have here and will be available very soon. We need skilled trade workers like I mentioned. Is anybody following in the footsteps of Plez Bowling to lay brick? Is anybody following in the footsteps of our service people like Ed Rawlings and Louie Jones?

Who will be the next generation of HVAC people when Clerandon Sizemore and Ken Hughes call it quits?

Who will our next generation of carpenters be? Who will be doing these things in the future for our county?

We’ve been blessed as a community to have people in positions for many years, me included. But we’re getting old. We’re getting close to retirement, and some are beyond retirement age but still going.

Who is coming behind them?

In the school system, we don’t have many obtaining their principalship to one day lead a school. Who will fill these vital positions? Will they have to come from out-of-county?

Parents, make your children aware that opportunities will be available very soon.

Encourage your children to obtain the proper training and education to fill these positions?

Have you recognized this problem also? Do you see the shortage of skilled, vital positions are town will be missing in the future?

The time is now to show these things to our children. To explain to them that a very good living can be made here in Clay County if you’re willing to work and willing to get the education/training.

Some of these positions will earn more income than those that require four-year college degrees. Do you realize that? Do you realize the opportunities that are available right now for our children?

They can start something huge here. Their own companies let’s say, if they’re willing to take the steps to do what’s necessary.

The time is now, our youth has a great opportunity ahead of them, let’s use some vision and create our own infrastructure of skilled individuals and secure needed services and vital jobs for the future.