New and Improved -- By Melissa Garrison

April 30, 2024

If there’s one thing I like to hear, it’s that new things are coming to our town. I’ve lived in Oneida most of my life.

I remember when the Town Market opened. It was a huge advantage for our community. We are so far out from everything, and a little country store was just what we needed.

Then I remember when we got a car wash. And an improved park.

That was huge for our community. Over the years, events have been held there such as The Gathering and many others.

It’s nice to have a place that we can -Gather. Speaking of our park- a new campground was opened this past week. As I drove by, there were many campers and lots of people gathering.

From what I’ve read, the campground, named Backstreet Outdoor Adventures, will host 14 full hookups, 8 electric and water, and at least 20 primitive camping spots.

I don’t know every detail, but I know that being next to the river- there are opportunities to fish and kayak.

And being close to many ATV trails, it would be a handy spot to camp. I love to camp. It’s good family time and the weather is getting just right for it.

It’s an awesome addition to our community. We have a good little community of people that are trying really hard to get things done in Oneida. I appreciate that.

The power of growth lies within your willingness to step outside your comfort zone.