The Greatest Gift – The Gift of Life


Kenedy heading to her Sophomore Winter Formal last month

The Greatest Gift – The Gift of Life

This time of year, most of us are busy buying gifts, making plans, and celebrating with family.  Two years ago, Kenedy Maze and her family were just trying to make it through the holidays alive.  Kenedy, of Fleming County, Kentucky, was missing a lot.  She missed her friends because she was not allowed to go to school due to the advancing Cystic Fibrosis (CF) disease taking over her lungs.  She missed being able to run and play because she was now tethered to 6 liters of oxygen just to breathe.  She missed her sister, Kaylee, who lost her fight against CF in 2007.

In January 2013, Kenedy and her mother left family and friends to move to their transplant hospital St. Louis because Kenedy was getting so sick.  “When I hear of someone talk about registering as an organ donor, I hear them talking about a hero,” Kenedy has said.

During the holidays, many of us wish to give back, but we struggle to find the time and means to do so.  This Christmas, there is something everyone can do that costs nothing, takes less than a minute, and helps children like Kenedy.  Joining the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry gives hope to thousands of children, adults, and their families.

“Although we may not be able to save their life today, we are able to give them hope simply by registering,” explains Clay Circuit Clerk, James Phillips.  “There are over 124,000 patients waiting for a lifesaving organ transplant this Christmas.  Each day, 21 of those patients will lose their fight, and their life, waiting.”

The Kentucky Circuit Court Clerks’ Trust For Life works to educate Kentucky about the vital mission of organ donation and encourage everyone to be hope for patients in need.

“As your Circuit Court Clerk, I’ve been involved with our Trust For Life for many years.  My staff and I ask every person obtaining a license or ID if they would like to donate $1 to raise awareness about this lifesaving mission.  We are also required to ask everyone to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry.  It only takes a moment to say ‘yes’ and be hope,” says Phillips.

Everyone, regardless of medical history or age can join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry simply by saying “yes” while renewing a driver’s license or going online to

“We feel honored to give everyone the opportunity to be hope and save lives – in a quick and simple way – every day.  Thanks to the kindness of this community and the dedication of my hardworking staff, many of you have already joined the Registry over the years.  However, the need is still there.  Only 45% of Kentuckians are registered donors.  Everyone, regardless of medical history, can join the Registry to give hope to those waiting today.  It’s easy.  Do you have questions about organ donation?  You can call 1-866-945-5433 and talk to Shelley at the Trust For Life,” explains Phillips.

Kenedy received her Gift of Life in April 2013 after several months on the Waiting List.  “Kenedy’s lung transplant is still proving to be a success. Her lung functions are at 98%, and she is living life. Cystic fibrosis (CF) has stopped her from doing so much, but she is showing CF that she is stronger. Her Sophomore year of high school has been exciting,” explains Kenedy’s mom, Sandra Maze.  Kenedy adds how grateful she is for her second chance at life, “I have chosen to live my life not only for myself, but for my organ donor. I am living because of organ donation.

Riverside Trail Ground Breaking Ceremony


Governor Steve Beshear and Senator Robert Stivers participated in the Ground Breaking Ceremony for the expansion of the Riverside Trail. Stay in Clay received a $130,000 grant to complete the trail. The ceremony featured music from the Clay County Middle School choir.

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New District Highway Office to be built in Manchester

Employees of the Manchester District Highway Office have received the news they will soon be working in a new building. Plans are being made to move the offices to a new facility, which will be built just past Huddle House on the opposite side of the road on the “Roy Campbell” property.


Governor Steve Beshear, KYTC District 11 Chief District Engineer Sherri Chappell, and Senator Robert Stivers discuss the plans to build a new District 11 Office building in Manchester

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Nine Arrested for Domestic Violence or Public Disturbances

Nine Clay County residents have been arrested and charged with domestic violence and/or causing a public disturbance.

Manchester Police Officer Jeff Couch responded to the Family Dollar store to investigate a complaint of an intoxicated female and located Shaunta Bowling. Bowling, age 25 appeared to be intoxicated and after further investigation it was determined that Bowling was under the influence and had an outstanding Clay County warrant issued for her arrest.

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Sizemore, Bowling enter guilty pleas in federal meth case

Anthony Sizemore

Anthony Sizemore

Russell Bowling

Russell Bowling

Anthony Sizemore and Russell Bowling have entered a guilty plea for taking part in a drug ring that stretched from California to Georgia and centered at the home of meth dealer Roy Gibson of Upper Rader. They will be sentenced March 17 in federal court in London.

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New Manchester City Council and Mayor


New Manchester City Council and Mayor were sworn in by City Clerk Mamie Smith Monday night. (left to right) Betty S. Meredith, Penny Robinson, Darnell Hipster, Jamey Mills, Esther Thompson, Dr. James Rice, James Ed Garrison (Mayor) and Fred Rogers. Claude Davis was out of town.

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