Martins Creek Memories

Snakes, They’re out

When I was a child, mother always told us that where you see one snake then there would be another one. Recently I found this to be true.
June 4, 2015 I watched a black snake about three feet long, crawling out of the garden. I chased it across the yard. I never like for a snake to get away from me. I figure that if a snake gets away from me today, it could come back tomorrow.

On Sunday June 7th another black snake crawled on the porch of my sister’s trailer. It disappeared under her porch. We scattered moth balls under the porch and around her trailer.

On the following Monday I was sitting on my porch and in the edge of the garden I saw something moved. It was another black snake. Probably the only one that got on her porch. It looked to be about four feet long.

I found it strange that the second snake went to the same exact bush to hide as the first snake did. Animals know more than we think they do. I chased it too. Hopefully, they were coming out of the hills for water in this dry time.
An older man once told me the following story about snakes. His father had witnessed this event. His father sat on a hillside and watched a black snake go into a hole in the ground and bring out poisonous snakes, whether they were copper heads or rattle snakes. The black snake would kill the other snakes.
Each time before the black snake went into the hole he would take a bite out of a certain plant. Apparently this plant, whatever it was, would cause the poison of the other snakes not to hurt the black snake.

I’d sure like to know what that plant was, then it could be marketed and I’d be rich. I know there are people who will not kill a snake, especially a black snake because they are supposed to kill other snakes.

In Kentucky it is not against the law to kill a black snake but whenever people feel threatened, they will. The same goes bears too.

A man once told me a story. You decide if you believe it or not. He, along with some other men went into the woods and they came upon a snake and killed it. They hung it in a tree. Some people believe that if you hang up a dead snake then it will rain. This man said that it rained so much that they had to go back into the woods and find the place where they hung up the snake to take it down because they just about flooded out their neighbors.

Charlie Murphy Jr.

UK Softball Team’s Postseason – NCAA Tournament

With die-hard UK sports fans, there’s never really a dull moment. While it’s true that during this time of the year our Big Blue minds and hearts aren’t necessarily rising and falling with the collective fortunes of our basketball and football teams, there’s still plenty of ongoing Wildcat happenings to whet our voracious appetites. Recent newsprint and blog headlines have been flooded with stories regarding Matthew Mitchell’s woes, Coach Cal’s manifesto, ex-Cats in the NBA, current Cats in the draft lottery, the passing of Ed Davender, and the Marques Bolden recruiting saga.

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Healthy Clay Bicycle Safety Survey

Healthy Clay
The Healthy Clay Coalition received a Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety mini-grant from the Partnership for a Fit Kentucky. You can help Healthy Clay reach their goal by taking a quick survey. It has only 15 questions and is anonymous.

For more information about Healthy Clay, contact Christie Green at 606-598-5564.”

Healthy Clay is using the grant funds to draft a pedestrian and bicycle plan to increase safe access to opportunities for physical activity in Manchester. As part of the planning process, Healthy Clay members would like to know what people think about walking and biking in our community.

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