Hat's off to some great things

June 07, 2024

For many years, I was part of the Come Home To Clay County Days Festival Committee. It was great to see the event resurrected this past weekend!

Clay County Tourism knocked it out of the park. The crowds were great, and the festival featured many attractions for the young and old at heart.

They had axe throwing, cornhole, a muskie tournament, a car show, and a massive crowd for Micro Wrestling! Those are just a few things that count as a good selection of great food.

It was good to see the Clay County Days Festival back, and I want to commend County Judge-Executive Tommy Harmon for his initiatives when elected.

My hat’s off to Judge Harmon, the Clay County Tourism organization, and all those who made this event successful.


On their temporary mural in downtown Manchester, a big hat’s off to 1Clay County. The organization hit a home run with photographer Les Nicholson’s photo, incorporating it into their new space.

Big things are happening in our town due to 1 Clay County, and don’t believe the naysayers who say “it won’t happen,” etc. It is HAPPENING!

Hat’s off to 1 Clay County, Les Nicholson. We all look forward to the exciting things coming soon at the new Jockey Street!

Tiger baseball

We fell a little short of winning a 13th region championship, but Coach Jason Smith and the Tigers had a really great season, winning their third consecutive 49th District Championship. The injury bug bit the team hard over the last month, and it would have been easy to just give up at that point, but they didn’t!!

Hat’s off to the Tiger baseball team and staff!


Manchester Tourism is sponsoring a carnival beginning June 14th at the Ramsey Ballpark. From the excitement I’m seeing on social media, the event will have huge crowds, weather permitting. It’s been a long time, how long I’m not sure, since a carnival has been held in Manchester, but it’s great to see one coming next week!


Clay County is changing. A place where only negative news happened is now fast becoming the face of progress for small eastern Kentucky towns. If you doubt what I’m saying, drive around this county. Look at the improvements made by the Clay County Board of Education, Oneida Baptist Institute, 1Clay County, Transportation Cabinet, AdventHealth, the City of Manchester, and the Clay Fiscal Court.

We are changing every day for the better, and a HUGE hat’s off to everyone involved in improving our town and county!