Is our economy declining?

by By Tim Parks-Manchester Tourism Director

Hello friends!

As I write this article in an early Tuesday morning it was good to see another dusting of snow.

These kids love a good day off of school from time to time. Teachers love it too so enjoy it ya’ll.

The last few months I’ve heard more complaints about rising cost of fuel, groceries and retail items than ever before.

I don’t know what the answer is as to why the rising prices. Is it our President? Is it the companies making the prducts? Is it the retail stores selling the products?

I really don’t know, but what I do know is our economy can’t sustain it. Most of us aren’t getting inflation raises.

At the rate the world is going we would have to get yearly raises to be able to keep up with the rising costs. I don’t see things getting any cheaper.

So what’s the answer to this? I really don’t know.

For one buying a fresh beef, hog, and some chickens can save a lot of money.

Raising your own fruits and veggies can also save. Some folks are having to cut back on things they enjoy due to the price increases.

I hope this don’t kill our economy and we can withstand this major inflation we are going through.

Much love Manchester!!