High-speed early morning bike chase

April 18, 2024

On April 17th, 2024, around 04:00 am, Officer Deric Carr, John Root, and Brayden Gibbs from the Manchester Police Department observed a motorcycle being operated by Chester C. Osborne.

The motorcycle was being driven recklessly and at a high speed on KY80. The pursuit started heading southwest toward Laurel County, and the officers continued pursuing the motorcycle into Laurel County, even after approximately 14 miles of travel. Osborne lost control of the bike when attempting to turn and drove over a small embankment.

Luckily, Osborne, 27, of London, didn't sustain any injuries from the accident. The officers took him into custody and transported him to the Clay County Detention Center.

Chester C. Osborne was charged with the following: - Speeding 26 MPH OR › Speed Limit - Reckless Driving - Operating on SUS or Rev oper license - Fleeing or evading Police, 1st Degree(Motor Vehicle) - Wanton Endangerment-1st Degree-Police Officer - Resisting Arrest.